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We welcome your feedback and testimonials.  Let us know how we are doing, how we can improve the service and how our service may have helped you.  Use the form on the right to submit feedback or a testimonial. Let us know if we can use your name in the testimonial.  We really appreciate hearing from you!

Latest Testimonials

Karen Colandero – COO, Chesapeake Potomac Regional Cancer Center (CPRCC)

The HIPAA training has been so wonderful!

Regina Johnson
Office Manager
Advance Orthodontics

We have been utilizing services through HIPAA Secure Now! for about eight months. We researched several other companies before making our choice. The quality demonstration of their product, as well as the knowledge that we would be able to reach out to the company with our specific HIPAA questions, factored into our decision. The HIPAA training for employee’s that is provided through the website is conveyed through a number of short videos. This has made the training process more enjoyable and it has been very well received by our staff. Whenever I have had to contact HIPAA Secure Now! with a question, I always receive a thorough and timely response. I would highly recommend their product!

Meegan Young
Human Resources Generalist
Cancer & Hematology Centers of Western Michigan

As a former Director of Training Design and CPLP certified, I must compliment you on the HIPAA Security Training course. It’s well done and simple to navigate.

Administrator – HIPAA Business Associate

Our organization was reluctant to perform the required HIPAA Risk Assessment due to the outrageous costs often associated with the service. We were thrilled to learn that for $2750.00 (for an organization the size of ours,) we would receive not only a premium-quality Security Assessment, but also the training and certification of every employee, as well as more than a dozen Policy & Procedure templates. The process was smooth and efficient, and of course very enlightening. We were able to identify our deficiencies as well as our areas of critical risk, and objectively determine the appropriate steps to take to ensure a better state of compliance. I would absolutely recommend HIPAA Secure Now to any organization needing to improve their position regarding HIPAA compliance.

Brian C. Moore
Information Technology and Network Administrator
ARC Physical Therapy

Dear Karen,

Thank you for helping me understand about the new HIPAA regulations and how they are continuing to change. HIPAA Secure Now is the route to go! It makes things so much easier to meet all the guidelines. I was very pleased at the cost for the amount of information and support you receive.

Pattie Carson
Office Manager
Fertility Institute of Virginia, LTD.

The folks from HIPAA Secure Now! are very knowledgeable, not only about HIPAA rules and regulations specifically, but have a great deal of experience in technology and security in general.  They spent a long time getting to know exactly how our business operates and made key recommendations specific to our company that were practical for us implement.  HIPAA regulations are very generic and open ended.    HIPAA Secure Now! makes this process concrete and manageable.  I highly recommend their services
Steven Garand
VP Engineering

As a business associate to hundreds of covered entities, our organization appreciates the comprehensive and affordable solution to efficient HIPAA Security Rule compliance that the HIPAA Secure Now service provides. We have found your HIPAA training interface to be suited to all levels of staff, and the self-paced interface is user-friendly. Additionally, the Admin portal makes it simple to track the status of staff training across the entire organization. Using the HIPAA Secure Now service for Risk Analysis, HIPAA training programs, and documented Policies and Procedures has streamlined our HIPAA compliance efforts, resulting in a significant cost savings for our organization when compared to trying to perform all of these functions in-house. I appreciate the personalized level of attention and the professional expertise demonstrated at all steps of our implementation process, and would recommend HIPAA Secure Now to any organization looking to improve their HIPAA/HITECH compliance processes. Thank you.
Marianne Bjelke
Manager, HealthXnet
Hospital Services Corporation


I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with HIPAA Secure Now!.  My appreciation for protecting health information was certainly raised.  The conference calls, risk analysis, numerous emails, and informative website have given me a strong fund of knowledge and awareness about HIPAA standards and security rules.  Thanks to Art and Mike, our management of health information will be confidential and secure.  Without any reservations, I strongly recommend the HIPAA Secure Now! services to other organizations trying to learn more about protecting and safeguarding electronic health information. (read more)

David H. Grossman, M.D.
Compliance Officer, MLEMA


HIPAA Secure Now! has made navigating the maze of compliance issues and regulations efficient and effective. In this litigious age, no practice can afford to be lax in compliance and HIPAA Secure Now! provides a comprehensive program that defines the many steps that are necessary to keep your employees, medical staff and practice within the ever-changing guidelines. The program is well worth the minimal investment of time and money and should be a standard purchase among IVF Centers in the United States with the new HIPAA random audits now on the horizon.

Teresa Randolph
Practice Relations Director
New York Fertility Services, P.C.

Some of my employees thought they knew the HIPAA rules and were shocked at how little they knew and HIPAA Secure Now! gave them a great insight on what they should be doing and not doing.

Practice Administrator – Pennsylvania Medical Practice

I thought there was no easy solution in putting together HIPAA policies and procedures. I was totally wrong! With “HIPAA Secure Now” you are able to put your policies in place and train your staff on procedures that you thought they were already aware of. My staff now feels more confident with patient privacy and I feel relieved that I have policies and procedures in place….one less job to do. Thanks for making it easy….it is a great product!

Manon Savage
Office Manager
Central Bucks Urology

We had a great experience with HIPAA Secure Now. They were very prompt on responding and explained the entire process completely. Their web site is user friendly and other than some initial information that needs to be provided they take care of everything. The security training has good information and the tests are easy to take. I would gladly recommend their services!

Brandy, Pulmonary Physicians