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HPIX knows that you not only want to provide the best care for your patients but are also very serious when it comes to protecting their privacy and information. We are proud to partner with HIPAA Secure Now! to provide you with the required Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Risk Assessment.  The HIPAA Risk Assessment will be provided to existing HPIX clients at no cost. The Risk Assessment will give you a good understanding of the risks to patient data and provide you with specific steps and actions that you should take to lower the overall risk.  Fill out the form below to schedule your HIPAA Risk Assessment.

In addition, HIPAA Secure Now! provide tools to better understand the HIPAA regulations. Through the use of their unique HIPAA Compliance Portal you and your staff will have access to a wealth of information to better protect patient data. And the best part is we are making the HIPAA Secure Now! Compliance Portal available to you and your staff free of charge just for being a customer of HPIX!

The portal combines news stories, educational videos and articles with helpful tools to manage security breaches and business associates. Some of the features of the portal include:

  • Social Center – provides real-time news and articles relating to HIPAA security and protecting patient information. The Social Center combines the HIPAA Secure Now! Facebook page, Twitter account and Blog to provide prescreened news and articles.
  • Education Center – provides a series of useful training videos to educate doctors, administrators and employees. It also provides useful security tips and reminder videos to help employees remember to protect patient data. The education can be considered a “light version” of formal HIPAA security training.
  • Information Center – provides a wealth of information and articles on protecting patient information, value of risk assessments, policies and procedures, links to useful Health and Human Services (HHS) information and a lot more.
  • Security Incidents module – the ability to record and track security incidents. Includes useful guidance on what to do if you experience a security incident / breach.
  • Business Associate module – the ability to track Business Associates. You can upload Business Associate Agreements and use the portal as a central repository for all your Business Associate information.

Fill out the below form to schedule your HIPAA Risk Assessment and to request access to the HIPAA Secure Now! Compliance Portal.

HPIX Sign-up Form

To schedule your HIPAA Risk Assessment and to request access to the HIPAA Secure Now! Compliance Portal, please provide us with the below information and we will contact you with next steps.
  • How many physicians are there in the practice?
  • How many employees are there in the practice?
  • Is there any additional information you would like us to know?