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HIPAA Secure Backup!

HIPAA Secure Backup Powered By BUMI

HIPAA Secure Now! has partnered with the award winning Backup Up My Info (BUMI) backup service. Together we have created a HIPAA compliant and fully managed offsite backup and recovery service that is perfect for healthcare organizations.

For many industries backup is critical, but none more than healthcare. HIPAA Secure Backup! Powered By BUMI has been trusted by community hospitals, specialty clinics, multi-office doctor practices and other healthcare providers to protect their data as carefully as they protect the health of their patients.


  1. Fully HIPAA compliant backup
    • BUMI will sign a HIPAA required Business Associate Agreement with a Covered Entity or Business Associate
    • Guarantees compliance with HIPAA and all other state and federal requirements
    • Features increased audit trail capabilities that meet HIPAA regulatory compliance standards
    • Includes advanced 256-bit encryption for data transfer and storage

  2. Fully automated and managed backup
    • BUMI manages all aspects of data backup; from software installation, daily monitoring of backup jobs, notification of backup issues to 7×24 support and restores
    • 7×24 live support
    • Ends your need to monitor backups
    • Removes the vulnerability of onsite single-location storage
    • Backup servers, desktops, laptops and tablets

  3. Simple, Straightforward Pricing
    • You pay only for the amount of data you are protecting. Support is always available to you at no additional cost. No surprises, no fine print
    • Flexible Live Vault (for EHR/EMR, email, critical information) and lower priced Archive Vault (for files older than 3, 6 or 12 months, images, etc.) pricing
    • Data compression reduces the amount of data you store and are charged for

How it works

You don’t have to be technical to understand the benefits of the HIPAA Secure Backup Powered By BUMI service. Our service runs in the background, your data is protected, we look after you, and you don’t have to worry about a thing! Nice, isn’t it?

HIPAA Secure Backup Diagram

  • The BUMI software is agentless and only needs to be installed on one server in your network. It does not require dedicated hardware and can be installed alongside other applications.
  • When your scheduled data backup begins, data is transferred within your own network to the server installed with the BUMI software.
  • When the data reaches this server it is analyzed for any data blocks that have changed or are new since the last backup. Those data blocks are then compressed and encrypted using military-grade encryption.
  • This compressed and encrypted data is then transmitted over the internet to our SAS-70 Type II secure data center where it will remain encrypted on NetApp storage at all times.
  • Your encrypted data is then replicated to a secondary SAS-70 Type II secure data center also utilizing NetApp storage. This secondary data center location ensures that your data is safe and can be restored in any type of emergency.


  • Database Backup
  • You are able to back up Exchange, SQL, My SQL, SharePoint, PostgreSQL, Oracle and many other databases.  Full support of EMR / EHR systems.

  • Single Installation
  • The BUMI software is agentless, which means that you can protect your entire network by downloading the software to only one machine.

  • Local Storage
  • Keeping a local copy of your data on your network allows for instant recovery.

  • Archiving
  • A lower cost storage solution for data that is no longer going to change, with the same level of protection and security as our online backup solution. Data that needs to be recovered from our archive server will be sent to you overnight on disk media or an external hard drive.

  • Time Based Backup
  • This solution allows you to automatically remove stored data from our servers when that data has been unchanged for a certain period of time. The data can be removed entirely, or pushed to our Archive servers for continued protection at a lower cost.

  • Email Message Level Backup
  • Unlike an Exchange Database backup, this solution allows you to backup your Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Groupwise emails at the message level. This allows individual contacts, calendars, and email messages to be backed up and restored with ease.

  • Continuous Data Protection
  • With this feature enabled on a backup set, any file selected for backup will be immediately stored on our servers as soon as a change is made. This allows for up to the minute recovery of data as it existed at the point of failure.

  • Bare Metal Backup
  • Bare metal backup allows for the restoration of a complete system on new hardware – regardless of manufacturer – including local data, user profiles, registry/system state, service pack files and encrypted files.

  • Delta Blocking
  • After your initial backup, the software backs up only the changes to your data, resulting in lightning fast nightly backups.

  • Local Only Backup
  • Data that needs to be protected, but not offsite.  Data is stored encrypted on a local server or drive.

  • Virtualization Support
  • Agentless backup at the virtual machine or virtual disk level. XenServer, VMware, and Hyper-V. VMware support includes VADP and Change Block Tracking (CBT).

  • Backup Software Upgrades & Hotfixes
  • Free, automatic, and fully supported.

More Information

Please fill out the below form and we will contact you to customize a HIPAA Secure Backup! plan for your organization.

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