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Free HIPAA Security Training

OCR has begun the next phase of HIPAA audits

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Free online HIPAA security training

Ransomware is a threat to
healthcare organizations

Have your employees received HIPAA security training?

The HIPAA Security Rule requires that all employees receive HIPAA security training on how to protect patient information. Let us train your employees with our free online HIPAA security training.

What you will receive:

  1. Online HIPAA security training for all employees
  2. HIPAA security compliance testing which confirms employee understanding of the information presented in the training
  3. Training is light and enjoyable (clients say employees think the training is fun!)
  4. Training is interactive and engaging
  5. Training focuses on phishing and ransomware scams
  6. Training can be done in the office or at home
  7. Training takes between 60 – 90 minutes and can be started, stopped and continued at the employee’s own pace
  8. 14 days free access to training / compliance portal