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Client Referral Program

You like us, you really like us!

Client Referral Final2

We want to say Thank You!

Our clients really do like us. In fact, they have been referring the HIPAA Secure Now! service to other colleagues.

We encourage you to share your positive experiences with your colleagues.  If they agree that our HIPAA Secure Now! service is a good investment and purchase it, we will express our thanks by giving you a 10% discount on your next purchase. Just have your colleague mention that you referred them to HIPAA Secure Now! and we will send you a coupon. There is no limit to our thanks. Refer 2 colleagues and get 20% off.  Refer 4 colleagues and get 40% off. Refer 10 colleagues and get your next purchase for free.

We will keep working hard to help you with HIPAA security and make it easy for you to refer us to your colleagues! 

The fine print our lawyers make us say: In order to qualify for a referral discount your colleague must purchase either the HIPAA Secure Now! Premier or Essential Service