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Annual HIPAA Compliance Subscription

The Annual HIPAA Compliance Subscription (HCS)

The quick, easy and inexpensive path to HIPAA compliance

The HCS includes all of the following:


Annual Risk Assessment

  • HCS provides an annual HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Ensure you know the risk to patient information
  • An annual risk assessment is required for Meaningful Use

On Demand Training

  • HIPAA training for existing and new employees
  • Retrain employees on an annual basis
  • Provide compliance testing
  • View compliance reports that show when employees were trained and their compliance testing scores

Compliance Portal Access

  • Employee access to policies and procedures
  • Track business associates
  • Security incident response
  • Access disaster plans
  • Store contracts
  • HIPAA related information
  • Educational videos
  • Audit “Book of Evidence”

Security Reminders

  • Provide on-going HIPAA security reminders to your staff on how to protect patient information
  • Our security videos are light and enjoyable
  • HIPAA is boring no more!

$100,000 Financial Protection

  • HIPAA Breach Related Expenses
  • HIPAA Violation Fines
  • Includes PCI (Credit Card) Breach Expenses
  • Available to Covered Entities and Business Associates
  • Available for Organizations with 50 or fewer employees
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The quick, easy path to HIPAA compliance!